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Welcome to House of Bathory Events!


We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as an exciting new events business catering specifically to the gothic and alternative content creators out there. Our unique focus sets us apart from the rest, as we strive to create unforgettable experiences for the fetish-minded community. With events held a minimum of three times per year, we will gather in mysterious locations. Our launch event was held in April 2024, following a successful Pre-Launch in January 2024. 

At the helm of House of Bathory Events are the visionary owners, Onyx and Vargr Bathory, who bring with them years of invaluable business experience. Their passion for the gothic world and devotion to curating exceptional events have made them the perfect duo to lead our venture. Adding even more allure to our team is the incredibly talented professional photographer, Elizabeth Hunny. With her impressive social media reach of over 230k on YouTube, you can expect stunning visuals that capture the essence of our events.

We understand that the gothic community deserves an events company that caters to their unique tastes and desires. Whether you're a creator, a performer, or simply a lover of all things dark and beautiful, House of Bathory Events is here to provide you with an extraordinary platform to express yourself. Join us on this captivating journey where creativity and passion take center stage.




18-21 July 2024

USE CODE: HOB10 for access to CC VIP AREA (CCs only)

EH portrait.jpeg
Elizabeth Hunny, Head Photographer


At the House of Bathory events, content creation is elevated to its zenith, thanks to the presence of some of the industry's most esteemed photographers.

The event's Head Photographer with over a decade of experience in the field, takes center stage in capturing all the behind-the-scenes moments, ensuring that every nuance and passion-filled instance is immortalized in stunning visuals. Alongside this seasoned professional, the event also boasts a team of exceptional photographers and videographers, each with their own unique perspective and creative flair.

This ensemble of visual artists ensures that every aspect of the House of Bathory experience is impeccably documented, preserving the essence and allure of the event for years to come.

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Images of Vienna Rose, Lavender Menace and The Sapphic Menaces


The House of Bathory events are known for their captivating and boundary-pushing entertainment, which includes a diverse array of fetish performer acts that never fail to mesmerize the audience. 

Vienna Rose is a Burlesque, Pole and Chair-Acro Performer. 

Vienna specialises in all things, sexy, sassy and filthy. With her mesmerising movements, she is sure to captivate you! Vienna loves to seduce her crowd! 

Instagram: @missviennarose_xx

Lavender Menace is a tiny queer Burlesque, Pole and Chair Acro Performer. Her performance Fallen Angel: strips away her catholic upbringing and plays with the concept of shame in her angelic performance. 

Instagram: @mslavendermenace

The Sapphic Menaces is a double act with Vienna and Lavender. Get ready for seductive, playful floor-work with some extra naughty suprises along the way!

Instagram: @thesapphicmenaces

 Their skillful and daring performances add an electrifying element to the House of Bathory events, making them unforgettable experiences for those who attend.

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