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The House of Bathory is a unique venue with a welcoming atmosphere, offering a no-pressure environment for content creators to express their creativity and expand their horizons, all while feeling safe and respected. 

Creative Spaces:
Take the sweeping staircase to the first floor to explore House of Bathory diverse creative spaces. These areas are designed to spark your inspiration and let you bring your ideas to life. From private studios, to open workspaces, you can choose the setting that suits your creative vision. We have over 30 rooms including Amsterdam Street, Prison Cell, Dungeon, Boiler Room, Two Bar Areas, Kitchen, Fake Taxi, Live Steaming Room, Maze, Massage Room, Cinema, Mirrored Rooms, Larger Rooms for Multiple Guests and a GH Corridor.

Live Streaming Studio:

For those who enjoy showcasing their work to a wider audience, our Live Streaming Studio allows you to go 'On Air' and broadcast your content on screens throughout the venue. 

'Wetherspoons' Style Bar:

Our spacious lounge area accommodates over 80 people. It's the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a drink and light refreshments and network with other creators. We offer a variety of beverage options, from Alcoholic to Non-Alcoholic. Recharge and get ready for your next creative session!



Social Bar upstairs with plenty of seating areas and a dancing pole.  

Outdoor Retreat:

In our large, tranquil outdoor area, you'll find a peaceful setting where you can soak up the sun on our loungers or simply unwind. During the summer months, this space becomes a sun trap, often used for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. There is also a hot tub. 

Jacuzzi and Relaxation Area:

Take a moment to unwind and enjoy the tranquil ambience of our jacuzzi and relaxation area. Located on the ground floor, it's the perfect space to de-stress and recharge. 

Showering Facilities: 

We provide convenient communal showers on both floors, complete with complimentary shower gel to keep you refreshed during your visit. 

Locker Room:

Our secure locker room offers more than 200 lockers, providing ample storage space for your belongings. Upon arrival, you'll receive your locker key, which also serves as your 'Tab' for any purchases made throughout your stay. There are two other locker rooms available.

Steam Room:

Unwind in our 1500 sq ft steam room, featuring a labyrinth layout with subtle alluring lighting that adds to the atmosphere. You'll find plenty of cosy corners for relaxation, including spacious resting areas and a hidden intimate steam room section. It's one of the largest steam rooms in the UK. 



If you enjoy the heat, you'll love the Sauna, we have two. One is slightly larger than the other, giving plenty of room. Whether you prefer sitting or lying down, it's the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. 


Rain Shower: 

This is a hidden gem located between the two sauna areas. 


Expansive Discreet Entrance Foyer

Private Onsite Car Parking covered by CCTV-  for over 100 cars

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